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Will's Trip to Japan

Will's Trip to Japan

Want to make a branching scenario but don't have access to an eLearning authoring tool? Check out Will's Trip to Japan, an interactive branching video made in TechSmith Camtasia.

Will's Trip to Japan is an example of an interactive pick your own path video where you decide how to deal with an annoying co-worker. This learning experience was created in TechSmith Camtasia 9 on Mac and uses speech bubbles as hot spots to create a branching video using TechSmith's marker feature. Originally created as part of a presentation for The Ohio State University's Innovate conference in 2019, Will's Trip to Japan also spun off a TechSmith 5 part series where I go under the hood to show how it was built. The full series can be seen on my YouTube channel, Unfiltered ID.

Using this style of learning experience could be an effective strategy for various content including compliance, computer security, and on the job training.

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