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What to expect during your first workout at Orangetheory Fitness

What to expect during your first workout at Orangetheory Fitness

Kick off your Orangetheory journey with a bang! This quick guide zaps those first-time jitters, equipping prospective members with confidence and key tips. Dive in, feel the energy, and transform. Ready, set, Orangetheory!

This eLearning project was conceived with a singular aim: to demystify the Orangetheory Fitness experience for newcomers. By breaking down the initial barriers of uncertainty and unfamiliarity, we strive to empower participants with the knowledge and confidence they need to dive into their fitness journey from day one.

Project Overview:

Orangetheory Fitness stands out for its unique blend of technology, science, and community, but stepping into this world can be intimidating for first-timers. Our comprehensive eLearning guide serves as a welcoming introduction, ensuring that new members are not just physically ready but also mentally prepared to make the most out of the Orangetheory experience.

Key Features:

Interactive Walkthrough of the Orangetheory Scheduling App: Understanding the scheduling process is crucial. Our guide includes an interactive tutorial on how to use the Orangetheory app to book classes, monitor progress, and connect with the community, ensuring a seamless start to the fitness journey.

Decoding Orangetheory Lingo: Every community has its language, and Orangetheory is no exception. From "zones" to "splat points," we break down the essential terms and concepts, so newcomers can speak the Orangetheory language fluently from their very first session.

Introduction to Basic Group Fitness Commands: Group classes can be overwhelming without a basic understanding of common commands and cues. Our guide includes clear explanations and demonstrations of these fundamentals, ensuring that participants can follow along with ease and confidence.

Development Tools:

Articulate Storyline & Rise

Synthesia for AI Avatar Video Creation: To add a personal touch and enhance the learning experience, we used Synthesia to create AI-generated avatar videos. The avatar served as a virtual instructor, guiding users through the content with a human-like presence, making the learning process more relatable and engaging.

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