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Paws and Effect

Paws and Effect

Do you remember your first job? Our actions have consequences. Make decisions that show your adaptability, accountability, and flexibility in order to earn enough paws to adopt a pet from the animal rescue center.

In this learning experience, Junior Achievement wanted to give students a story-driven asynchronous stand-alone eLearning that could be completed in 15 minutes or less and have students reflect and interpret how their actions can impact themselves and others in the workplace. I created an extended work-based scenario to anchor the student in this project and came up with the clever title of Paws and Effect. During the curriculum development, I created many complex branches based on three decisions the student makes during their workday. If they handle the decision optimally, they can earn a "paw" for the interaction. If the student earned three "paws" or handled each scenario optimally, students could then select from one of four adoptable pets to rescue. Much like real life, several decisions were difficult with one scenario even not giving the student a resolution as a cat who got adopted went home with a family who already had pets, despite the student knowing the cat didn't get along with other pets. I used Google Jamboard to whiteboard out each scenario with the multiple branches.
The lead ID at Junior Achievement praised Paws and Effect for its creative storytelling and immersive scenarios that would encourage students to replay to see what the consequences were from other decisions. Adobe Stock art was primarily used for storyboarding and the Junior Achievement graphic design team created some custom graphics, specifically in a comic book style to package this together beautifully.
The final product was built in Articulate Storyline 3 and placed in Junior Achievement's LMS for students across the world. A video walkthrough can be accessed below.

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